Hygiene is everyone's problem.

Joy T, Gabriela P, Rosie T, Jaylene N, Jenny Z

In our website, we input information that promotes awareness for homeless women and the growing need for feminine care products. We added locations of facilities and linked other organizations' websites to learn more and also give the opportunity to donate. We added these places because we wanted all of them to have the same amount of recognition.

Every day there are thousands of homeless women without the necessary hygiene products. We want to help all the homeless with their hygiene, but there was one thing that really stuck out to us: periods.

Every month, women on the streets have to choose between eating and keeping clean while on their period. When periods arenʻt handled properly, infections can occur by trying to reuse old products and other methods of coping.

We are addressing this problem by promoting organizations that help the homeless. Also, we are letting the public know where they could find these organizations and places where they can volunteer to help. We are also promoting hygiene through our website by giving viewers suggestions on what to buy and where to get it from.

One difficulty we had in this project was using GitHub to update our code. Sometimes, one of us would forget to 'pull' to update the code, which would let us add something to the project, and it would then delete all of the updates. In order to fix this, one of us would have to go to each computer and put the code again in order for it to work.

We are 5 intelligent and strong girls who are trying to make a difference. We are all still in high school as rising juniors and seniors.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony (CHI).