Jasmine C, Luana C, Erika B, Samantha M

Rights And Resources is an app meant to help people in difficult situations. It provides information and advice for specific needs such as police encounters or abuse. The app helps users know their rights and find help should they need it, as well as assist friends who are in trouble.

Most people, aside from lawyers, lack even a rudimentary knowledge of their basic rights and ways to get out of bad situations. Resources such as the ACLU are available, but not everyone knows that. With police brutality on the rise, the prevalence of mental illness among teenagers, and queer rights being threatened by the current administration, people need to know their options.

We are addressing this problem by creating a reference app. It organizes information by topic and need, so a user can find resources specific to their situation. It includes summaries of laws, rights, and places to receive assistance.

We had some issues with Android Studio and sharing code, but we figured out how to add the relevant files to GitHub. We also made sure to test all pages on a phone to check the conversion of the layouts.

A group of girls who love coding looking to make the world a better place!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (San Francisco).