Online reservations and parking at the tip of your fingers!

Muhtashima M & Lizbet M

"reserveNpark" was founded in 2018. This app gives you instant access to spaces available in restaurant parking lots. Also, this app was designed to reserve tables at restaurants. It aims to give users better access to making reservations online instead of making calls. Additionally, users can find available parking spots near a given region and adjust the distance within which they are looking to leave their car.

We noticed that very few restaurants and hotels offer online reservations, as most are done through phone calls. Also, it is tough to find available parking spots within a given region, causing people to circle around the same blocks to find a space within a walking distance of their destination. This defeats the purpose of driving since a large amount of time is invested in parking and makes people’s experiences inefficient and uncomfortable.

Our website/app provides an online form for users to fill out and display options to choose from based on their preferences. We also included an embedded Google Map for users to locate available parking spots in their given area, which will be operated through a satellite.

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (which we have learned throughout the course of the program) to design our layout and used online resources like Bootstrap and W3Schools as scales of reference. Atom was used to write the actual code. We also referred to Yelp’s layout of the search results to determine what kind of information would be relevant for users to know when they are browsing (i.e. theme of restaurant and types of dishes they serve).

Some challenges we had were:
- The coding process; but like many Moody’s employees say, “It’s a learning process”
- Finding a realistic idea and sticking to it
- Designing our website
- Finding different features to add in order to make it user friendly

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).