Through photos remember special places, family & friends, and miscellaneous items.

Alexis H, Elizabeth M, Nidhi S

Over the years, the number of patients with alzheimer's and dementia have increased immensely. In the year 2050, a predicted 106.23 million people will have it, whereas today 37 million have it. Although alzheimer’s is not curable, it is crucial for us to take action now. For the past two weeks we have developed an app, Relive. This app helps create a digital scrapbook for a person with alzheimer's or dementia to look through. Our apps features include sections for places, family and friends, and last miscellaneous, where you can upload photos. Our app was specifically designed to store all of these pictures, the name of them, and the significance for our user’s to remember and relive past occurrences of their lives. 

In Nidhi’s experiences at the nursing homes, she learnt that many of the patients, do not get frequent visits from their family which results in more and more memory loss. Hence we our app allows patients to view the latest pictures of family members, places that were important to them, and their favorite miscellaneous things they can no longer see or do.

We created relive in hopes that the photo gallery aspect will help our user's with their memory skills.

Any programmer would know that 2 weeks to make an entire working project that has a nice design is challenging. In just 2 short weeks our group had to do just this. This was a challenge because we had to be committed. We couldn’t just work on it throughout the day, we had to take the project home and work on it for a couple extra hours to make sure that the MVP was done in time. Although this part was challenging, it showed us how to manage our time proficiently, like in a real job with deadlines. Along with only having two weeks, we also had to learn an entire platform, Swift. Swift was challenging & was unlike any platform we did prior to our project. We spent multiple days trying to figure this out using multiple tutorials after eventually getting the hang of it.

Together we created an app worth remembering!

Elizabeth McRae – Selfless, Honest, Enthusiastic
Corona del Mar High School rising junior
Hobbies include: dancing, community service, and traveling
A foodie, and will do anything for family and friends!

Nidhi Satyadev – Adventurous, Charismatic, Loving
Beckman High School rising senior
Hobbies include: lacrosse, dancing, and traveling
Loves to go on spontaneous trips and drives with friends!

Alexis Hart – Ambitious, Dedicated, Genuine
Notre Dame Academy rising senior
Hobbies include: singing, dancing, and track and field
Animal lover and regular Disneyland attendee!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at at the USC Marshall School of Business.