Relieve stress by "catching" falling balls in the music notes.

Ashley J, Raven S, Tatiana B, Trinidad M, Kimberlee V, Naomi A, Kiara D, Ivette O

Based on "Guitar Hero", players choose a stress level and instrument. Music will play and balls will fall. Player must use the keys a,s,d,f, and spacebar to "catch" the balls in the music note. All players will play until a score of 15 points is earned.

Students are stressed with school work, community issues, and navigating social media. They need an outlet to relieve the stress so they can refocus.

We developed a game as an outlet to unwind and relieve some stress.

The glitching of the song being looped was an obstacle. We solved it by removing the former loop and setting a time limit for playing.

"Wow! You all made this!"

The Jefferson K-8 Girls Who Code Club helps girls work together to design and code products that address issues concerning them. It encourages girls to pursue computer science and use it to impact the world by seeking to close the gender gap between males and females in the technology industry.

Our club participants met weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 pm – 4:30 pm. We started the year off attempting to code Raspberry Pi computers for our Impact Project, but soon realized that we needed to build our skills in Scratch if we wanted to master Raspberry Pi. Thus, we focused on learning how to use Scratch with the goal of still making a “cool light display show” using Raspberry Pi as our Impact Project.

However, as we met each week and explored the Spotlight on Women, we realized we wanted our Impact project to be meaningful. We saw how women were using their CS skills to help disabled people, express creativity, and empower other women. We discussed issues that are meaningful to our club members. We decided that stress is a major problem in our community and with our fellow students, so designed a solution with our skills to help students dealing with stress.¬†We researched ways to alleviate stress and that is how the game “Stress Bop” and “Ivette’s Art” were born!

We spent time researching colors, music, and types of games that help with stress. We modeled our game after “Guitar Hero” because music is known to alleviate stress. We wanted the game to reach a multi-cultural audience, so we decided to have a choice of different instruments, each representing a different regional area. We worked very hard to map out the backdrops, making sure that they were images that could be used legally and fit within our calming color scheme. We created all the music using GarageBand to make sure we had original songs that followed our findings from research. After months of struggling with debugging the game and designing original art pieces for the coloring game, we feel as if our project is a success!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Jefferson K-8.