Keeping Austin green, one click at a time!

Alexis V, Cypress L, Gloria H, Lindsey H

Our project is an app that helps people identify if an item is recyclable or not. The app asks a series of questions to user so as to come to a conclusion. If an item is recyclable, our app tells the user how to dispose it. If any item has a different place where it is recycled, then the app tells you location of the place where that item is recycled. In a case where an item is not recyclable, our app tells the user what to do about it.

The amount of trash in the world is constantly growing. Instead of using new natural resources every time, items can be diverted from landfills and recycled in order to save resources and money and decrease pollution. We wanted to address a lack of awareness about what can be recycled in the Austin area.

We have created a user-friendly app that identifies if an item is recyclable in Austin and suggests local places where the item can be dropped off to be reused. We hope that when people are in doubt about recyclability of an item, our app acts as a guide to help them decide whether to recycle the item or trash it. We are using question-answer method to determine of an item is recyclable.

We used MIT app inventor to create our app. App inventor allowed us to have a very limited number of pages in our app, so we had to be innovative in how information was stored and displayed. In the end, our app went from having twenty-three screens to twelve. We overcame this difficulty by using tiny databases in the code.

"Recycle it Austin!" is perfect for Austinites who care about keeping their city green but don’t always know what they can recycle.

“Recycle it! Austin” was created by Lindsey, Alexis, Cypress and Gloria in the 2016 Summer Immersion Program in Austin AT&T. The whole group was passionate about educating about sustainability and improving the local community in an environmentally friendly way.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Austin).