Find recipes using the ingredients you have at home!

Emily C., Miranda L., ChanChan M., Grace T.

Reciplease is a web-based application that suggests recipes that people can make based on the ingredients that they have at home. It takes ingredients a user enters and outputs various recipes that can be made with those ingredients. Reciplease aims to reduce food waste and spread unique cultures through different types of recipes.

Many people struggle with deciding what to cook with the ingredients that they have at home. Often, they opt to eat out or buy more ingredients instead, which creates a buildup of food waste and leads to a costlier standard of living.

Reciplease allows users to browse through suggested recipes based on the ingredients that they already have. It promotes exploration of new recipes, donation to those in need, and living a healthier life.

One of the challenges we faced was dealing with asynchronous execution in the code. We overcame this by labeling function outputs so that the order of the function calls didn't affect the output.

"This is exactly what I need in my life! I've always had trouble making decisions and Reciplease will definitely help me out."

We are a group of girls united by our indecisiveness and passion for computer science. We hope to create solutions for quotidian problems (such as indecisiveness!) by using our creativity and collaboration.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ElectronicArts.