A better way to network with QR codes.

Shreya P, Rima S, Yairy M

We created a web app that allows users to generate QR codes that make sharing your details quick and easy. Just choose the kind of QR you want to make, type in your username, email address or password, and press submit. The web app can be accessed by any device with Internet, and the QR's can be scanned by an off-the-shelf app or your iPhone camera.

On a field trip, one of our wonderful TAs found herself talking to a fascinating data scientist over lunch. 1pm rolled around and she had more questions; but, she did not have a way to get the data scientist’s contact information. Watching her scramble for a pen and paper got us thinking, what if there was a better way to transfer contact information?

Sharing your details is time-consuming and painful. What if there was a better way to do it? Thus "QuiRk", a quick and easy way to transfer your contact info via QR code was born.

We also struggled to find a reliable way to generate and read QR codes. After searching for a strong API with good documentation, we decided to use goQR to generate and the iPhone camera (or an off the shelf app) to read the codes.

When developing our project, we struggled to store user data so we could feed it into a QR generating API. As a solution, we modified the data science techniques we learned to use a computer’s local storage.

"Hey I don't follow you on instagram. Can I have your username?"
"...scan this"
*mind blown*

Shreya is a rising senior from London. She hopes to combine her love of technology to start her own business.

Rima is a rising senior from North Andover, MA. She enjoys politics and making a difference, and hopes to integrate each in her life and future in technical business.

Yairy is a rising senior from the Dominican Republic. She aspires to start her own fashion company.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Boston).