Primarily for the safe travel of the visually impaired, our project is a GPS app designed to communicate with sensor and alert the wearer that an incoming object is in their path.

Amory W, Michy R, Joi L, Angel W

Our prototype is a small robot coded with C++ and equipped with a HC SR04 that communicates mainly with the 1Sheeld Arduino app for the Text-to-Speech purposes. When the sensor detects an object a certain distance away, the robot stops and the app says "Watch out! Object about ___ centimeters away." The robot then turns and continues straight until it senses something else. In addition, we created a GPS app. In the future, we would work on bridging the two programs - The GPS app and the Text-to-Speech functionality.

The white canes that the visually impaired use to safely travel are hazardous to other pedestrians and uncomfortable for the visually impaired as well . In addition, there are few apps that are designed to help the visually impaired navigate their surroundings.

Our GPS app allows the user to select a destination that they wish to travel to and it gives step by step instructions. If the sensor senses an object ahead, it sends a signal to the GPS app which states a messages similar to: "watch out, object about ___ centimeters away."

A big technical problem we ran into was getting our Arduino 1Sheeld board to communicate without our third party hardware - the HC SR04 sensor. The 1Sheeld board is a Bluetooth board that comes with it's own app that communicates with the 1Sheeld board. We had a big problem trying to figure out why the TextToSpeechsay() function wasn't working, but it turns out that the problem was that the original value of our distance variable - which is the distance the sensor measures between the object and the itself - was a float and the program only responded to character value. Once we adjusted our code to fit these guidelines, it worked perfectly.

"This project is important for the innovation of travel for the visually impaired." - Maleah Maxie

Amory is a rising junior. She is a member of her school’s robotics team and has taken two engineering electives during her high school academic career. In addition, Amory loves playing sports and is a goalie on her club and school varsity soccer team. Amory loves learning about engineering and computer science. Science has always interested Amory, especially on the forensics side of things. Amory wants to double major in computer science and electrical engineering and she strives to be an engineer when she grows up. Her favorite programming language is C++.

Michaelle is a rising junior. She is in the STEM Magnet program at her school, where she doubles in science and math courses each year. Michaelle starts varsity softball as a catcher and varsity lacrosse as a goal keeper for her school. She also plays catcher and infield on her travel team, Team Georgia. In her spare time, she likes to participate in her school’s technical theater program and star gazes with her younger sister. Michaelle aspires to be an astronaut and she is determined to get into space anyway she can. She hopes to continue her career in computer science and physics and use her knowledge in these fields to accomplish her dream.

Joi is a rising senior. She loves playing soccer and she has been the team leader during her Junior year. She plans on taking an Intro to Digital Technology class in her school’s Dual Enrollment program. She attends Georgia State University as a Freshman according to the Dual Enrollment program. In her spare time, she likes to play with her two dogs and watch scary movies. Joi aspires to be a Software Engineer and continues to major in computer science as well as minor in Mathematics.

Angel is a rising senior. She loves to color and has played on her schools varsity volleyball team since theĀ 11th grade. She is the President of her schools Beta Club. She plans on taking AP Computer Science in the fall so that she can further her education in the field. She plans to attend Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science. In her spare time she likes to watch tv shows and movies on Netflix. Angel aspires to be a Software Engineer and continue to major in computer science and minor in engineering.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture ATL.