Learn self-defense while also having fun

Silvia C, Lisa H, Kelly L, Marina M

Protect Yoself is an informative website with many tips and resources to help users learn self-defense. It also has a fun interactive game that gives a visual of real life situations that could happen to anyone.

Currently in the United States, reports have shown that 1,197,704 violent crimes are committed on average. Each day the number increases.

We are addressing the problem by creating the Protect Yoself website to teach people how to protect themselves without having to pay for self-defense classes. We also have informative resources such as tips and videos to help the users learn better on their own, and a fun interactive game to play when users finish their lessons.

A struggle we faced was that we were originally going to create the game in JavaScript but our game was too complex to be done in the given time frame so we decided to do a website and prototype of the game instead.

"A very fun and addicting game and website, it's amazing how you girls did this much in a short amount of time!"
-A Martinez

Silvia C.

  • -upcoming senior
  • -has no idea what she’s doing
  • -loves her three cats and rice krispies


Lisa H.

  • -upcoming senior
  • -loves pomegranates
  • -her longest nap was 18 hours


Marina M. 

  • -upcoming junior
  • -loves musicals
  • -loves her little baby dog called Benny


Kelly L.

  • -upcoming senior
  • -likes dogs, especially pugs
  • -leaves people on read


Learn how to protect yourself here

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Boyle Heights LA.