Building Your Future

Jessica Luis, Kirsten Olson, Nicole Silverio, Ashley Paulino, Amanda Lopez

As part of the Girls Who Code Immersion Program, five high school girls worked together to create a place where we can find information about college and the future for high school students. This website and app was created to help ourselves and our fellow peers. We were determined to find a solution to common problems that many students have such as finding internships and dressing for job interviews.

Students nowadays are clueless on where to start when applying for colleges. The application process could be very daunting for many students.

The Prospects app was made to be a compass for those who are lost in the college process. It will provide students a direction towards their future.

Creating the aptitude and trying to figure out a how to make a results page with the exam results. Another problem was centering the photos and adding text on the right or left side of the photo. Trying to get the website to work on other computers as well as the app to work on our phones. Changing the fonts on the first heading as well as taking out the large white space on the aptitude test. Erasing the gap between the footer and the content of the page.

"I can't wait for this to take off. You guys created a great project with a great idea."

Our group, Prospects, is a combination of many skills and talents. It took five intelligent, well-rounded High school girls to create an app and website that can help ourselves and our fellow peers in the high school to college process. Kirsten, Amanda and Jessica were the web designers and Nicole and Ashley were the app designers.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - FIU.