Collect Trash, Avoid Sharks, and Save Our Oceans

Zoe C, Sarah C, Catie D, Andrea E

"Project Nemo" is an interactive website and game to raise awareness about ocean pollution. We included an informational web page within our website, which consisted of external links to ocean conservation organizations. In addition, we aim to attract and educate younger audiences with a "Waste Race" game.

Upon brainstorming ideas for our final project, we encountered startling facts surrounding the impact human activity and pollution has on our oceans. Garbage, climate change, and harmful chemicals are drastically affecting the health of our oceans and the creatures who live within it. We are responsible for damaging ocean ecosystems, and therefore have a responsibility to care for and clean up our oceans.

In an effort to educate younger audiences on the importance of ocean conservation, we included a game embedded in our website called "Waste Race". In this game, users select an endangered marine animal as their avatar and race to collect trash in the ocean. To further educate kids on ocean pollution, we created an informational web page. The informational aspect of our website provides links to external ocean conservation organizations, as well as tips on how our users can take small steps to get involved in their community and save our oceans.

One technical problem we faced was creating our game using Pygame, as it was a completely new language. We solved this problem by watching hours of tutorial videos and asking our instructor for help with fixing bugs.

"This website strives to instill a sense of awareness, curiosity, and accountability within our community to protect ocean life."

We are a group of high schoolers who are passionate about getting involved in our community and protecting the environment.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pivotal.