Program your own filter!

Emma H., Sadie C., Lauren H.

Our app aims to both teach an introduction to computer science and RGB values, while also giving the user a physical product in the form of a filtered photograph. The app proceeds as a tutorial, teaching about HTML, CSS, and Javascript and allowing the user to interact with the code by uploading their own photograph and creating their own colors using RGB values. The app aims to occupy the gap in between intensive computer science study and computer science unawareness, familiarizing the user with the basics of web development and pixel data.

People who are interested in coding often have difficulty finding a straightforward, relatable way to get started. While computer science education programs such as code academy are excellent, they require intensive study and time, which beginners often don't have the motivation for, and cannot relate to without prior computer science experience.

Millions of people, especially women, use Instagram and VSCO and other photography apps on a regular basis. By combining this demonstrated interest with computer science, our app gives an introduction to coding in a format everybody can connect to and utilize.

The biggest challenge of coding our app came with allowing the user to upload and manipulate any image from their own library, which we overcame with lots of javascript functions and preset dimensions so that the photos wouldn't be flipped or resized once the pixels were manipulated.

Emma, Sadie, and Lauren hail from three different states and varying computer science backgrounds. None of them had ever coded an app before this summer, but they loved the idea of having an application that could be mobile and actually help people. They loved working together and are planning on pursuing the project and working together from afar, continuing their collaboration and their coding.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at TripAdvisor.