Informing the public about poverty!

Mithuna K., Hannah P., Miriam S., Michelle T., Katie W.

Our website’s aim is to reduce the effect of poverty on the general population of the United States. Obviously, it is impossible and unrealistic goal to completely end nation-wide poverty through one website. Knowing this, our team decided to incorporate three features to our website to alleviate some of the pressure that poverty places on countless families worldwide. First, within our website, we provided numerous statistics and facts in addition to a quiz and a “storybook” to help educate the general public on how relevant poverty truly is. Once more people understand that poverty is indeed a major issue within our society and not just a dinner conversation topic, more people will be willing to take a stand.

People are often blissfully unaware about the severity and seriousness about poverty. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 13.5% of all Americans (43.1 million people) are impoverished. In order to push past the stigma and stereotypes surrounding this issue, we hope to educate and encourage visitors of our website.

We are providing a cohesive website to provide information about poverty in a user-friendly manner.

It was important to make sure our websites seamlessly connected to all of the webpages. However this became difficult as more and more css was required. Luckily under the guidance of our teachers and open discussions, we were able to overcome this in order to create a aesthetically appealing website.

"We are raising eggwareness of poverty within the United States."

We are Eggs Who Code, a team of 5 girls dedicated to raising awareness of poverty within the United States. Eggs Who Code includes rising juniors who are passionate about eggs (obviously), justice, Moana, social rights, and computer science.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .