Clara, Michele, Rebecca, Melinda

Politipal is an app that's made to target people who want to know more about politics, but also want to quickly learn about politicians and politics. We believe that it's important for people to be informed about their local elections, and to be involved with politics. Therefore, we hope that it helps to spark a greater interest and increased involvement in politics.

Many people are uninformed about their local politicians, as well as what politicians actual policies are. We also felt that, too often, politics is not talked, or taught, about in schools, so there's a general lack of education around politics in the younger generations.

We addressed it through creating an app that's a resource for people to use, and that would allow them to learn more about their local, national, and regional politicians and what their policies actually are. We hope to better educate our generation on politics, and the political processes.

We didn't know Android Studio when we began, nor did we know Java or XML. This presented an issue, seeing as we had limited time to learn and make the project. We overcame this problem by watching a youtube channel called 'The New Boston,' and reading lots of tutorials on how to use Android Studio. In the end, thankfully, we were able to build a functioning mobile app.

We’re a group of rising juniors from Los Angeles. All of us are passionate young individuals who saw a need for easier access to bias-free political information. All from differing backgrounds, we brought each of our unique experiences with us when developing Politpal.

Melinda: Hi I’m Mel, a 16 year old junior who has never been in contact with computer science before Girls Who Code. I never considered computer science to be a viable career because I never had been able to get experience with it. I’m so happy I did Girls Who Code, and I can’t wait to explore career paths relating to computer science in the future.

Becca: I’m a 16 year old junior who has been interested in computer science since I was young, but was never really able to “dive” in, since there did not seem to be an easy starting point. Girls Who Code had opened up so many doors for me, and I am eternally grateful! I’m also interested in literature, physical fitness, and politics (hence my interest in this specific app). I’m excited to pursue CompSci further after this summer!

Clara: Hello! I’m Clara, a rising junior at NDA. I first found my way into CompSci, a year ago when I did SMYTP, where I learnt HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and JQuery. GWC has been a fantastic expierience for me, and it’s been really cool to get even more involved with CompSci. Outside of CompSci I do engineering with my schools robotics and rocketry teams, and own a small startup. I also knit and watch too much Doctor Who. I, personally, plan on majoring in Physics and then applying my skills in the aerospace industry, hopefully at JPL.

Michele: Hello! I’m a junior who is interested in computer science, but did not know much before Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code was an amazing experience for me and I am definitely interested in pursuing computer science in the future. I love our final product because it makes political information simple and accessible. Other than coding, I volunteer every week at the hospital and my old elementary school, play the flute, and play swim and softball.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (L.A.).