Open your eyes. Channel your voice. Investigate current issues in our world and transform minds.

Annaloisa F., Anisha N., Mia J., Karen P., Amy W.

We at Politics in a Nutshell are an organization dedicated to cracking the confused nuts of the world open to stuff them full of brilliant knowledge.

Many teens in the modern-day world are ignorant of important current issues, either because they don’t have the context for them or cannot understand the news media. This problem is relevant because these millennials represent our future and will be voting on future policies,, so it is necessary that they are informed and well-educated.

We present concise, simplified information about current politics, both foreign and domestic, and various, easy-to-access links to sites that elaborate on our topics. Additionally, we have other resources that help prospective students learn, such as graphs, charts, images, videos, and tables.

We had difficulty with formatting, such as centering text, aligning links, and keeping the general theme consistent throughout the web pages. To overcome this formatting issue, we had different people work on different pages and sent the pages to one project manager to link. Our project manager, Anisha, ensured that the various components somehow meshed together in a cohesive way.

"To put it in a nutshell, we're really passionate about getting teenagers to learn politics."
-Anisha N.

"It looks very professional and um... it would not be possible without great people. That... you can change those words."
-Mia J.

"The real success was getting to know you people."
-Anna F.

Mia: a sarcastic, fun-loving senior that loves drawing and music.

Anisha: an intelligent, caring, respectful project manager and junior.

Karen: a sassy, outgoing junior that enjoys wearing combat boots.

Anna: an artsy, funny, and book-loving screenwriter.

Amy: an artistic, introverted junior that loves coding and horses too.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture CHI.