An interactive forum designed to call teens to political action.

Nidhi A, Riittisha C, Anya P, Alexis J

PoliTeens! is an interactive website where teenagers can discuss demanding issues they believe are plaguing the nation and attempt to actively present solutions by submitting policy proposals, or even full fledged legislation to Congress. Using our site, users will be able to post discussions about issues on a forum, access a map where they can see their elected members of Congress (with contact information), and hopefully even be able to quickly access legislation on any given topic that has already been created, to allow easy changes to be written and submitted.

Today's teenagers are tomorrow's policymakers and voters, and given the day and age in which we live in; where voter turnout and knowledge about the political spectrum is depressingly low, where social issues continue to be pushed aside, where we can't always be proud to call ourselves Americans. We at PoliTeens! believe it is especially vital to foster a spirit of political efficacy within ourselves, starting from a young age.

We will be providing instructions on how to exactly go about tackling submissions and hope to create a fully functional, accessible and interactive website for teenagers to work with. Our goal is to provide a platform for teens to make change by becoming more active in submitting policy proposals. We will be providing the tools in resources to our users to submit

No one in our group had any experience with web development. So, developing knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a short time span was our greatest challenge.

Nidhi is a rising senior who has been involved in her high school robotics team and student government since 2013. She is now leading the software development group for the robotics team and has been elected as Class President for all 4 years of high school. Nidhi enjoys performing Indian classical dance, running, and volunteering. Girls Who Code served as the perfect outlet for Nidhi to build her knowledge and passion for technology, and PoliTeens! is the perfect marriage of her two interests, computer science and politics. Nidhi hopes to pursue a career in the technical field where she can make change. Riittisha, a rising senior, is a fierce advocate for the teenage voice. She involved in leadership, is part of the National Honor Society, enjoys expressing her thoughts on anything and everything, Model UN, singing, rom-coms, and now, thanks to Girls Who Code, coding. She had a blast this summer and hopes to continue her work with PoliTeens! in the future. Riittisha hopes to merge her passion for international relations and her interest in computer science in her college and career path. Anya is a rising senior who has a passion for volunteerism, music, writing, food, movies, and saving the bees.  She is an involved member of HOBY, a youth leadership organization, and is also active in her school’s National Honor Society, where she will serve as president this year.  Girls Who Code is Anya’s first experience with coding, but she hopes to continue expanding her computer science knowledge. In college, she hopes to pursue a double major that integrates computer science with another one of her passions. Alexis is a rising junior at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, MD, who has a passion for volunteering, and trying new, exciting things. Although she doesn’t have prior experience coding, she knows many software platforms, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autodesk Inventor, She is an active member of Teen Council at the National Building Museum, where teens can directly impact new programs. Alexis has wanted to try her hand in programming as she became more aware of the gender gap in technology. When she stumbled upon a Girls Who Code club at her school, she became interested in trying it out. In college, she aspires to double major in Computer Science and Graphic Design.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at BSA.