Specializing in group planning in the digital age!

Prerna A, Diana B, Amanda Y, Amina D

PlanIt is a website that makes group planning quick, easy, and organized. Its users can create a plan that they can invite others to. They can easily coordinate their schedules, in order to create the ideal plan.

Ever tried making plans in a group chat that suit everyone? It's practically rocket science.

We envisioned an app that would keep all your plans organised. PlanIt allows users to create plans and invite friends. Furthermore, all details are easy to access and alter as needed.

The main technical problem we faced was the creation of a database, and it's one of the things we are still working to overcome currently.

"Oh my goodness, this one time, my friend, she agreed to hang out with us, but she totally dipped. Now, we don't have that problem! With PlanIt, we can find the perfect time for everyone to hang out, and there's never any conflict!" -Kristen

We are a group of 16 year olds–three juniors and one senior–from the New York metropolitan area, with, of course, a mutual interest in computer science. Our other¬†interests include photography, film, music, and badminton.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (NYC).