Take your pix to the next level!

Sophia A, Saga E, Maya P, Sophia Y

PIX is a photography website. It focuses on taking photos to the next level by providing advice on how to take better photos and simplifying the editing process. It essentially allows users to upload pictures and edit them through a simple user-interface which gives their social media feeds a more uniform/professional look.

Over 250 million people actively use Instagram on a daily basis. Most of these users strive to create the perfect "feed", a collection of photos with a reoccurring theme such as blue tones or faded images. However, to create this pattern is difficult and requires people to spend a great deal of their time learning how to change the warmth, black point, lighting, and more effects in their photos. Not everyone has the time or the skill to do so and they are unable to make the feeds they want.

We address this problem through our website's easy-to-use editing service where users have simple access to buttons that add different filters to the pictures of their choices! We also provide photography advice and a slideshow to show users how to take better photos and give them examples of the types of feeds they can create.

A technical problem we faced was getting our website to accept files directly from a users local photos and edit them. Another challenge we encountered was building the WELCOME screen, from incorporating the different fonts into our code to match our liking to getting the background to fit the entire screen. We overcame these issues by attacking the problems in different ways. If one method didn't work, we would do research and work as a team to find another possible solution until we got the result we wanted.

"This is so useful! This is gonna help my pictures so much!!"

The four of us met through the seven week Girls Who Code Immersion program. Quickly, we realized we all had a strong passion for photography and decided to focus on this common interest in our final project. Using our newly acquired computer science skills, we built a photo editing website during the last two weeks.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #1).