"100% anonymous community to share problems and get support and advice"

Jade M, Christina S, Christy C

Tailored for teenagers and adults, Pillar is the ideal space for users to openly articulate their problems and receive advice, without the fear of judgment that is inevitably present in face-to-face discussions. Users can post personal dilemmas and others can comment, answer their questions, and react to their posts, all under a points system that incentivizes users to give good advice, without ever feeling pressured to reveal their own identity. This project is an informational website about our app idea.

According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America™ survey, average stress levels have been steadily increasing since 2007. Millennials have been hit the hardest of any prior generation, with a 6.0 on a 10-point scale. It is evident that Americans are stressed now more than ever, and we sought to help solve that issue.

In response to this problem, we came up with Pillar, a judgment-free space for users to freely express any issues they are facing. Ranging from minor troubles like period struggles or college stress, to bigger hurdles like dealing with the death of a loved one. As three young teenage girls dealing with college pressure, social stigmas, and the stress of coming of age on a daily basis, we know firsthand how difficult it is handling large personal issues without anyone to confide in. We came up with PIllar so that we can finally address this problem and assist the countless other teenagers and adults who have had similar experiences.

We initially coded the website on different devices, so it was challenging to format the entire website so that all of the different parts fit together.

"Pillar rules!" - Tom Wang

Jade, Christina, and Christy are two juniors and a senior from different high schools in NYC. They first met each other at Girls Who Code. After coming up with several project ideas, they finally settled on Pillar because it relates the most to their own experiences.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pfizer NY.