Filter a picture and donate

Makayla W., Diana P., Hannah J., Grace O.

Pictures for a Purpose is a website that combines entertainment with awareness. We created this platform to bring attention to certain causes that we believe are important. Our site allows users to filter an image in a style that represents a charitable cause, and learn about and donate to that cause. We hoped to make at least a small difference in the lives of those in need.

The problem is that causes like Breast Cancer, Gay Pride, and Autism need more attention.

We are addressing this problem by creating an interactive website that is both fun and informative. Users can filter their pictures and learn more about each cause through our information tab! We figured that if we added a fun feature like filtering, people would be more likely to research and learn about a cause.

We had trouble creating the LGBTQ filter because of the way we had to create the stripes. We figured out that we had to tell the computer to divide the amount of pixels in the given image into six to create the six stripes in the flag. Once the computer divides the image we tell it to recreate the pixels as a new color.

"I look forward to seeing your project on the Girls Who Code website."

Makayla- I am a rising senior at McKinley Technology High School where I study Computer Networking.  I was born and raised in Washington DC.  I hope to someday havea career in the computer science field.

Grace- I am a rising junior at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School. I was born in Cameroon and came here when I was five years old. I hope to eventually combine my passion for computer science and the arts.

Hannah- I am a rising junior at Walter Johnson High School, I am from Bethesda, Maryland. I plan on going to college to study computer science.

Diana- I am a rising junior at Duke Ellington School of the Arts where I study Museum Studies.  I plan to pursue a degree and career in the STEM field.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at BSA.