Experience a 360 degree tour about the environment followed by trivia!

Brianna H, Alexandra C, Christine R, Ekaterina M

In the world we live in today, we are at risk of significantly damaging our environment. To help combat this, we created a website called "Pick It Up", promoting environmental awareness to the general public, and we also included ways to help. Our website features a narrated, interactive 360 degree tour where users can listen to compelling stories that target different types of pollution and our environmental impact. On a mobile device, the tour is also viewable in virtual reality through a Google Cardboard. After learning and absorbing this important information, the users are then led to a trivia game to test their knowledge and assure an effective learning experience.

Environmental damage is slowly becoming a larger issue in our society, as complications such as plastic buildup, changing ecosystems, and climate change are arising. As the population grows, environmental vulnerability grows as well. Without the public being well-aware of our environment, we are at risk of harming our community at an exponential rate, greater than ever before.

We all had a common desire to educate the public about human impact on the environment and ways we can prevent further environmental damage, so we decided to create a website that could promote awareness. By combining all of our primary ideas, we built an educational website that features a 360 degree Google Tour and trivia game. We also included a game where the player can dispose litter using trash bins in order to appeal to the younger audience. Throughout the process of building our website, we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GameMaker.

We faced some formatting problems in our website, but we overcame it as a group by helping each other out with each section and asking for help from instructors, as well as searching for it online ourselves.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Electronic Arts.