Our purpose was to create a VR game in which the user confronts their fears in a maze.

Srija P, Ashley Z, Soumya S, Crystal M

We designed an intro screen, a game (maze), and an ending scene, including a quote wall. We used Unity as the framework to build our game. We made a VR maze game using Unity.

The problem we tried to solve was helping people overcome their fears. Much like art therapy and music therapy, we wanted to create a VR method to help people. We used the method VRET: Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

We created an environment where the user deals with lifelike phobias in a fun maze. At the end of the game, we encouraged the user by saying they are just as amazing as anyone else. And most of all, we reminded them that they shouldn't let their fears stop them from doing anything.

A technical problem we faced was using Unity as the platform to build our project. At first, we were unable to find the right packages to download and create the VR component of the game. The packages we found online for awhile were either incompatible with a version of Xcode or a version of OSX. Finally, one of our team members was able to find the right one for all the versions we had.

Our group created a VR game using the framework Unity. We are all high-schoolers that come from a variety of different backgrounds and areas from the bay area.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.