Adopt 'till you drop

Leslie S. , Karen Z.

We wanted to get local shelters and people to make profiles for their animals so they can get adopted and find a forever home. We added locations of local shelters to help people find their future pet and an about us page to learn about the creators. We want to give every animal a chance to get adopted and find a loving home and with this website, we hope to accomplish that.

Within our cities, there is an abundance of stray cats and dogs wandering the streets and an overpopulation of animals in need of adoption at shelters. We created PetBooks to help reduce this problem.

We are trying to address this problem with our website by making profiles for pets not only for shelters, but regular people too. It would be a like a social media website, where people could potentially chat with other animal lovers.

One technical difficulty we confronted was figuring out how to create a functioning navigation bar that will allow a user to browse through numerous web pages and assuring that it work fluidly and looked clean. We overcame this by researching the topic, looking at numerous tutorials to understand how the nav bar functioned. We as well didn’t hesitate to ask our teaching team if there was anything we didn’t understand in the tutorial or we needed more help with.

"This is so cute!"

Leslie – Hello! I am half of the creators of PetBooks and I had a lot of fun making it. I am going to Mt. Eden High School as an upcoming junior and I am 16 years old. I really like animals and I always like helping them. Girls Who Code has helped me realize how important coding can be until I realized that I can do something to change the way that people look at things and it was a great experience this summer.

Karen – Hi. I am the other half of PetBooks and Leslie’s partner in crime. I adore cats, journaling, brush lettering, and just spending weekends trying new food. Girls Who Code was an amazing experience and really made my summer worthwhile.  Working on PetBooks was extremely fun and seeing the final product was the most satisfying moment ever. To see our idea come to life was amazing.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.