Write a journal, set your goals, track your mood, listen to music, color, and read uplifting articles.

Marysabel M, Mariela P, Veronica U, Maya K

"Petal for Your Thoughts" is an app and a website for everyone’s journaling needs. Not only does the website provide a place to journal, but it also has a goal setter, mood tracker, writing exercises, tips, and more resources to relax. This app is a more straightforward platform that includes a Journal page and Goal Setter for users who are on the go.

Many people want to keep and maintain a journal. Those who follow through tend to misplace it or lose motivation to continue.

The average person spends 24 hours a week online. That energy can be spent on this easily accessible website and app, which allows creativity to fuel through various tips, writing exercises, and other resources.

The biggest technical problem we had was combining our code. Everyone had different sets of code for each part of the website, and when we combined it at first, nothing worked. We combined each code piece by piece, taking things out, altering code, and overall seeing what worked and what did not. We were frustrated at first, but we used our patience and, eventually, we combined all the code so our website ran smoothly.

"Great solution! I hate when I lose my journal, but now I can use this and not have to worry."

We are high school students who come from all parts of the city. Our knowledge about Computer Science was little to none, but after this summer, we are now enlightened and want to continue to explore the huge tech world. We came together through Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program to create this project that we are all passionate about.

Fun Facts About Us:                                                                                                                                        Marysabel (Rising Junior): Loves dogs and all types of music.                                                              Mariela (Rising Senior): Loves history and EDM.                                                                                      Veronica (Rising Senior): Loves dancing and Broadway.                                                                        Maya (Rising Junior): Loves photography and food.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Grace Hopper.