For Busy People With Busy Pets

Kathryn M, Carolyn M

Pet Valet is a dog walking service that allows dog owners to conveniently find a dog walker online with a quick and easy transaction. It is perfect for people living on their own with a busy schedule that sometimes doesn’t afford them the time to walk their pets. Pet Valet dog walkers are fun, friendly, and flexible to best serve the dogs and dog owners of Chicago.

It can be difficult to find a dog walker at the last minute, and Pet Valet is here to solve that problem.

With an online and user-friendly interface, dog owners are able to request a dog walker and see their pet out the door in minutes.

It is difficult to develop an interface that will be effective in such a situation, especially in communicating between the dog owner, the website, and a dog walker, which is why creating a chatbot to receive information from users and respond was so crucial to the project.

You could have five or six dog walkers, or just one website: Pet Valet, which doesn't eat, sleep, or take a break from helping to care for your precious pet.

Kathryn is a rising senior. She loves coding, running, and eating, and she’s greatly enjoyed her time spent at Girls Who Code! She is loves sports and teamwork, especially as captain of the cross country team. She has also created a curling team and a futsal team for girls at school, and loves being able to exercise and have fun at the same time. She hopes to continue studying computer science and combine programming and entrepreneurship in a successful career.

Carolyn is a rising junior. She enjoys math, science, and computer science, and is a member of the school’s math team. She enjoys participating in local and state math team competitions. She also has an interest in history, especially the history fair competition, which she finds both enriching and interesting. She is excited for an upcoming junior year and many more computer science courses to come!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (Chicago).