Pebble: a platform for highschool students to express their sentiments on concerning issues

Maria M. Angely U, Denisse C, Jasemine T

There are many political, social, and environmental issues going on around the country today. Many high school students have various thoughts and possible solutions for these issues, however, they do not have a proper platform to voice them. With our website, Pebble, students can express their opinions.

Issues of all sorts are constantly occurring all around the world. Blogs, articles and TV broadcasts - all written by adults - provide people with an outlet for discussion. However, the younger generation is also affected by these events, especially as they enter and commence their adult life. Nowadays, young adults don’t necessarily have a place where they can respectfully discuss current events.

Through the comments section featured on Pebble, people with a Facebook account can comment and express their sentiments on concerning issues.

One technical problem we faced, was trying to figure out how to get the database to work and to get to comments section functioning properly.

"Throw your pebble, make a ripple!"

Maria, current senior at Coral Reef Senior High, helped to come up with the name for the website and include information in the Political page. Denisse, current junior at IPrep Academy helped to create the comments section using a Facebook Comment API. Angely, current senior at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning, helped to layout and include information on issues for the Environmental page. Jasemine, current senior at Dr. Michael Krop, helped to include issues with information related to the Social page.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Ada Lovelace.