PCACC – Pet Care Advocates of Cass County

PCACC – Pet Care Advocates of Cass County

PCACC strives to inform people on how to better take care of their pets and the best places and ways to adopt them.

Ava S., Jadynne H., Johanna G., Jordan R., Lily H., Jasmine D., Alyssa D.

Everyone wants a cute little kitten or puppy to take home. But first you need to know how to take care of the little furry guys or where to adopt from. On this website we will try to help you find out the best place to go and best thing to do.

People need to be well informed and educated before adopting animals.

Providing information for the Cass County area.

We simplified an information animation we were having trouble on. We wanted to flip the pages but simplified it to a button.

We started our club session with seven girls eager to code. We met on Tuesdays in the Cass County Public Library – Harrisonville Branch computer lab!  All of the club members have a passion for pets and decided we’d create a website to reflect that!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Harrisonville Library GWC.