Spreading Pawsitivity.

Esme C., Melissa M., Talya G.

We created a website to connect pet owners to stressed-out high school students, and students to pet shelters. We wanted to make it easier for students to bring animals to their schools (puppy parties) to lessen stress through pet therapy. We did this through databases that would help connect these three groups, as well as a Google Maps API where students could find the closest shelters to their schools.

High school students deal with a lot of stress through all their responsibilities - standardized tests, extracurriculars, social struggles, etc., and we wanted to provide them a healthy outlet. We also wanted to allow rarely socialized pets an opportunity for affection necessary for their health. In addition, we hoped for pet shelters to be able to advertise their animals through our service to allow those animals a better chance at adoption.

Our project makes it easier for students to connect to pets. The website allows for schools, dog owners, and all people to make accounts. We also want to promote animal-assisted therapy with these dogs in order to help alleviate the pressure and stress that are present in high school students’ lives.

We had an issue with creating the databases for our website’s different account pages. We had never worked with Google Firebase before, and it was definitely a struggle figuring out what to do once we uploaded Firebase. We sought a lot of help from our mentors, and we’re all very grateful for the help we received.

"I like all the puppy pictures!!"
"How can I use this in real life?? I love puppies!!"
"Nice aesthetic!!"

We are three rising seniors with a passion for animals. We also wanted to make a website about high school students relieving their stress because as rising seniors, it is a problem near and dear to our hearts.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Intuit.