Beat procrastination with the help of your own virtual dog!

Nancy C., Michelle H., Kimberly Q,

Get your necessary tasks done with our website, Paw-ductivity! Increase your productivity and minimize procrastination in order to take care of your virtual pet's mood! Try out our prototype today:!

We aim to solve a problem plaguing many students and adults alike: procrastination. Procrastination delays the completion of important and urgent tasks, wasting valuable time in a person’s life. However, current productivity apps do not motivate the user to actually complete their necessary task.

In order to reduce stress by maximizing productivity while minimizing procrastination, we have created a fun website, Paw-ductivity. With cute graphics and simple interface, the user must complete the tasks they would usually procrastinate in order to take care of their pet’s mood. Using HTML/CSS and Javascript, we implemented a To-Do list where the user will input their tasks with the option to time themselves. Based on whether the users finishes their tasks, the mood of their virtual pet will increase or decrease. In order to make their virtual pet happy, they must successfully check off the tasks they put on the To-Do list, otherwise the pet’s mood will be unhappy and sad.

A technical problem we faced was learning how to integrate open-source code from other websites into our code. We had to learn how the foreign code worked, line by line, in order to incorporate our own features with the foreign code.

"Life-changing." - Joan Tubungbanua (CEO of Untitled)

Nancy likes to sleep and explore New York City with her camera. Through Girls Who Code, she has learned many new skills and met many fantastic people encouraging her to pursue computer science further in the future.

Michelle enjoys hacking and playing softball in her free time. She believes coding is the future and with Girls Who Code, she is excited to be part of that future.

Kimberly enjoys playing volleyball and playing board games with her family. Girls Who Code has been an interesting(sometimes frustrating) program that has expanded her computer science knowledge.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Ada Lovelace.