Nicki H & Venus L

The Park Planning Partner App allows users to find more information on the many National Park Services in the United States, which include national parks, national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties. Find your state to see a list of National Park Services and choose one to read a brief paragraph on the service. Click on more information to find the website, phone number, map, or plan your visit by adding it to the trip planner.

People tend to stay indoors instead of experiencing the outdoors, discovering history, and exploring nature. Even if they would like to go, they have trouble finding the nearest option to them or planning their trip.

We created an app that includes a database of numerous National Park Services where you can find all of the information you need such as the website, phone number, and map. We also added a trip planner that allows users to create their plan for their outing by adding an action item and date.

A technical problem we encountered was a non-functioning UITableView. We overcame this obstacle by consulting the internet as well as the teacher.

We created this app during our Capstone Project Week of Girls Who Code Campus.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .