Park Pal

Park Pal

Park Pal

Yongqi Kuang, Ami Shah, Geline Mascardo

Park Pal is a website that allows you to find the cheapest and fastest parking near you. It also includes special features such as a search bar, a pin that locates, a timer, and a list of emergency call hotlines. Park Pal’s objective is to simplify the parking process.

The problem that we are trying to solve is finding efficient parking. Statistics show that 30% of traffic congestion is caused by frustrated drivers circling the block for that elusive parking space. Anyone who has driven in a crowded city knows how difficult parking may be so our website aims to fix that.

Park Pal allows users to find their current location and locate parking structures in the area. If you wish to plan ahead, Park Pal has a feature that lets users search up specific addresses and see garages in that area as well. We want to get individuals to their destination in less time and with less stress.

One technical difficulty that we had creating our project was finding a digital map online without having to draw the maps ourselves. Using Google Maps API, we had to difficult making a search bar, and storing our database into the map.

"I love your logo it explains your website very well"

Our group consists of three senior girls who live in the Bay Area. We all like to go to travel, and eat good food. Ami Shah is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. Geline Mascardo is a senior at Carondelet High School. Yongqi Kuang is a senior at Alameda Science & Technology Institute.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.