Rhiannon R, Rachel S, Tiffany H, Samantha S

We wanted to take the classic 2D game of Pac-Man, released in 1980, and update it for the modern player in 3D with all the nostalgia intact. We used the game development platform Unity to create the updated version of Pac-Man. Platforms like Unity granted us access to building tools that would otherwise be limited. Likewise, Unity allowed us to power animation, physics, lighting, and interactions within our virtual world.

There was no social issue we were trying to address. We wanted to make this game for entertainment purposes.

We made a game in the emerging field of virtual reality. This is an enhanced interactive experience from the standard 2D game play.

Our biggest challenge was learning about the necessary programs and language and applying it in such a short amount of time. To overcome these obstacles, we distributed the work and each learned the different essential aspects of building the game, compiling all of our newly acquired knowledge.

"What you girls are doing here is at the forefront of the future of technology."

We are a group composed of juniors and seniors from Los Angeles. Together, we were able to apply the knowledge we had to learn materials beyond what the course entailed, allowing us to compete our virtual reality game. Being at Disney exposed us to the technology behind the magic, enabling us to experiment with the intersection between computer science and entertainment and expanding our creative mindset.





This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Disney.