Fanny C., Sophia G., Stephanie H.

Our website application is a simple digital planner. It is designed for students who have trouble organizing their school work. It is different than any other planner app because it has a unique styling to lists. Our website is also packaged as an iOS app through PhoneGap.

We are trying to change student’s perspective on school work and homework. Since most students grow to procrastinate, their test grades decrease and their health depletes. This also contributes to a factor on why students dislike going to school and doing work. So we decided to make an organization website application that is appealing to teens and quick to use. We have a different method of addressing and fixing up the order of assignments. Organize Yourself is very interactive, simple, and engaging.

We are addressing this problem with our project by creating an appealing website that has useful resources such as lists, a timer, and creating the website into an app. It will make it easier for people to use the website since they have many resources to rely just in one place.

One technical difficulty that we had was converting the website code onto PhoneGap files. PhoneGap helps people make websites into apps that can be used on any kind of phone. We weren’t able to do that in the first try and had to constantly research how to insert our code into different files. We overcame this problem by slowing down and reading the actual start up instructions from After some trial and errors, we successfully got OY to work on our phones.

Sophia is a rising senior. She likes web development and especially using Bootstrap. In school she likes history, math, and hopes to continue computer science outside of school, because Masters doesn’t offer any coding classes. She also loves to play field hockey and hang out with her friends.

Fanny is a rising senior. She wants to learn more about the different fields of computer science in the future. Fanny likes to code, debug code, and write code through trial and error. Other than computer science, she likes to draw and exercise.

Stephanie is a rising junior. She likes math, exploring new places, and found coding so interesting that she is considering taking a computer science class in the fall.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (NYC).