"Get active outdoors doing what you love"

Lauren P, Maggie N, Abby L, Hanna C, Mallory B

Our project is a website that allows teens to search for outdoor activities in the area that match their interests. The girls envision a site where you can submit your favorite activities and others can rate them as well. They thought you should be able to search by location, area of interest, and rating.

The girls said that adults were always telling them to get outside and be active. They often wouldn't mind doing things but said if they had a list of things to choose from it would be easier.

The girls worked together to brainstorm what they would need for information if they wanted to do an activity. The also discussed what other functions the website would need to have (contact page, blog, search functions).

Our biggest hurdle was that we did not get started with our club until after February break. We were able to go through the UI/UX design process but we were not able to get the site coded. We did, however, learn about HTML and CSS and did some individual pages that you can see on our Projects page. We are excited to share our wireframe designs for our CS Impact site with you.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at The Middle School of the Kennebunks.