Anne P., Geneva F., Fiona L., Nawaal S.

Said "Oh-sa-soon," Osasun is a website that is meant to embody the characteristics of a warm hug. It is a website with many resources that one can use to help them relax and deal with daily stresses.

We want to solve anxiousness within everyone. Some people find it hard to find resources to help them when they’re feeling stressed, so we want our website to help them and provide extra resources.

By having a place where people can acknowledge the problems that they have and provide a solution to those problems with easy access. With CSS, we will design the website to have pretty, pastel colors that are shown to be relaxing to the eyes of the human. With javascript through processing, we have made a game that relaxes people when they play it.

We had to convert a Processing game to Processing JS to make it work on a browser. This took researching and code modifications.

We are a group of 4 girls who have had a blast making this beautiful website!

We are hoping for it to be a relaxing and safe place for people who have low self confidence, anxiety, depression to go and de-stress and have fun!

We are High Schoolers looking forward to learning as much about computer science as we can, and we have adored this program!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).