Mikala M, Lilla M, Adara AJ

OOPS! Protection Inc. seeks to ensure child safety by educating children about safety and by providing an easier form of communication. We have implemented this by creating a faux word search that allows users to directly message loved ones. Also, our app contains various resources to help battle many social and psychological issues. Our website is a branch off of the app that provides information about what our company/app does and provides some articles and self defense lessons.

Children are becoming less safe due to social media, peer pressure, and lack of self-defense knowledge.

Our app and website teaches children about safety and gives them a discrete form of communication.

Many of the app building programs dealing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required users to pay money to develop a fully functional and well designed app. Instead of paying money, we settled for a block coding program, which in turn, was very limiting.

"It's a very cool idea."

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Turner ATL.