Raise awareness about the current status of immigrants in the United States.

Amelie C, Megan C, Zafia A, Andrea R

Our project is called "One Home One Dream", which focuses on immigration and the effect that Trump's Zero Tolerance policy has on immigrants. We not only focus on DACA, but give the user real facts about the effects of the policy. These include child separation and locations of detention centers, immigrants on the streets and the life they live being homeless, and giving ways for the user to help through a Donation and Petition page that links to different organizations and petition pages. We hope you enjoy our site and are able to spread the word!

Due to Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy, parents and children are being separated and due to having no legal papers, and many illegal immigrants are on the street needing support.

We address this problem through our website by not only talking about different subjects about immigrants, but showing the user how they can help out through our Donation and Petition page.

Most of the problems we faced were due to GitHub merging from many people working on the same file at the same time. We also had to deal with the time crunch of trying to finish our project before the program ended.

"This project was very engaging and the topic was a great choice!"

"Very organized and interesting."

Just four girls with the dream to help the world.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Walmart BAY.