Emi E., Nikki S., Tati L., and Katherine B.

Our final project is an informative website focused on the topic of ocean pollution. In it we have detailed the causes and effects of ocean pollution as well as how you can help alleviate its effects. We have also created and embedded a simple video game using Scratch in which the user controls a fishing boat that fishes for trash rather than sea life. Additionally we created data charts of marine protected land using the Pandas library in Python. With this website, we hope to educate and engage people of the looming threat of ocean pollution.

We are the problem! Manmade pollutants such as fertilizers, plastic, and oil end up in the ocean harming animals and humans alike.

We wanted to build a website to educate people about the dangers of ocean pollution. We did a lot of research and listed the causes and effects of ocean pollution as well as what people can do to help; we even built a game to engage the audience and spread awareness about the amount of trash in our planet's oceans.

Using Bootstrap required us to work outside the box to get the features and layouts we wanted and using Scratch led to restrictions in making the game particularly with the fishing hook.

Katherine- I’m an incoming junior at College Park High School. I joined Girls Who Code because I was really interested in computer science and wanted to learn more about it. Prior to joining this program I had no experience in programming, but after 7 weeks I’ve learned about Scratch, Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. Using all that we learned, we were able to create this website and game. We wanted to build this project because we are passionate about environmental issues. Ocean pollution in particular is a huge issue that is often overlooked and we wanted to create this project in order to educate and spread awareness of it.

Emi- I am a rising junior at Davis Senior High School. I joined Girls Who Code with no experience, but after 7 weeks, I was able to learn Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One of the main reasons I chose to do this project was because I am very passionate about environmental sciences and wanted to spread awareness about Earth’s problems.

Tati- As an incoming senior at Arroyo High School, I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue in college. I decided to apply for Girls Who Code and see if coding would sparked any interest to me. Surprisingly it did; I began the program knowing nothing about computer science but through out the program, I learned different coding languages including Python, HTML, Django, Javascript and many more. It is so cool to think that I knew absolute nothing about coding on Day 1 of Girls Who Code, and by Week 8, my peers and I are able to create and design a web page with the help of Bootstrap, our instructor, and the TAs.

Nikki- I am an incoming junior at Half Moon Bay High School. This summer was quite an adventure with Girls Who Code. I had an amazing mentor and our class went on super cool field trips. I learned so much and had fun doing it! Using our newly gained knowledge, we built a website that will hopefully encourage Earth’s citizens to be environmentally friendly.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Emeryville).