Avoid the obstacles

Zainab K, Davielle M, Asia N, Brianna B

Squirtle, a Pokemon, must run past rectangular obstacles without touching any of them so that he can reach twenty points. Once you reach twenty points, you are deemed a winner!

We hope to solve the problem of feeling defeated. We hope to boost confidence by showing people that you can tackle problems and overcome obstacles if you just try!

We have put in place several rectangular obstacles that Squirtle must overcome. If you are able to overcome at least twenty, you are a winner! If not, you are still a winner because you can always try again!

Collision detection was a problem. We had to talk to several students and teachers to understand how to implement it into the game. We made sure we understood how the concept worked and even though it took several hours, we made it! It was an important aspect to our game because we wanted a Game Over option if an obstacle was touched by accident.

We are four teenage girls who came together for this project because of our shared passion for creating a game that we could call our own. Plus, we are great friends!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ATT (Atlanta 1).