A chatbot for a person that just needs a friend.

Divya H., Anvitha K., Samiksha K., Jillian M.

The NUAGE website hosts a psychological chatbot called I.V.I., which stands for Ignite, Voice, and Inspire. I.V.I. is programmed to take in user input and respond to keywords, so that someone sad, angry, or just lonely has a friend they can chat with. The website is aesthetically designed to be calming with a modern and professional touch.

Nuage Home

People feel sad, angry, lonely, or just need someone to talk to. Often, they do not have anyone they can trust or are just too shy to approach these sensitive topics with someone else.

To help these people, our solution was I.V.I., a psychological chatbot that detects a user’s mood based on keywords typed and responds accordingly. More than anything else, we wanted I.V.I. to be a friend that a user would feel comfortable talking to.

We faced many challenges while building our chatbot and website. For the chatbot, learning how to use the AI software and fixing bugs to have the chatbot respond correctly to the user's responses were issues that the AI team faced. For the website, creating a “Meet the Team” page, adding animation to the home screen, and other styling features were difficult when first presented. However, all these challenges were overcome by a lot of hard work, lots of googling, and seeking out help from the people in class and outside.

"Talking to I.V.I. made me feel like I was talking to a real friend."

Our team photo.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Bay Area).