Help users manage their time wisely with time suggestions and simple visual representations of users' schedules.

Brittany R, Meghan H, Orli R, Sylvia R, Tafani M

NOW, an app created by five girls--Brittany, Orli, Meghan, Sylvia, and Tafani--seeks to help those who struggle with stress, anxiety, and chronic procrastination, in their daily lives. With our app, users will learn how to manage their time more efficiently, battle stressful workloads, and produce work of the highest quality.

Almost everyone suffers from procrastination. It causes them to be behind on their workload and be stressed constantly. Most time management applications are too complicated, and oftentimes, users delete them within a day of downloading them.

We addressed this issue by creating a time management website that we later wish to turn into a chrome extension called NOW. NOW has visual representations for the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. We also give suggestions on how users should split up a task. To help decrease stress, we have a meditation page that has calming music and breathing exercises. In order to keep track of how much work the user has done, we made a progress page that also has stickers to unlock once a certain number of tasks is completed.

We had problems connecting our to do list to the daily calendar to the monthly calendar with JavaScript. We did end up resolving this issue and are happy with the result.

"It's nice and easy to use."

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).