Website showcasing a restaurant's products and services

Regine D, Camila P, Chanel R

We decided to create a website for a functioning business, known as Noble Star. On our website we showcase Kava, the highlighted item on their menu, along with displaying information on the other foods that they offer. We made it a point to create an Events page that will allow Noble Star to connect with their clients. Overall, we wanted to have a site that was stylistically pleasing to look at for their clients, along with making it informative.

The problem was that the business' previous website didn't provide enough information on the foods they offered as well as up-to-date information on events that they were hosting. We also felt that it could be more visually appealing as well.

We are addressing this problem by developing a new website for the restaurant Noble Star. On the website, we have photos and videos of Noble Star's previous events along with links to their upcoming events. Our team spiced up the site with nice parallaxing effects to make the site more visually appealing.

A technical problem that we faced was making the Contact Us page. We did not learn PHP in the program, and we did not have a domain name or host, so even though we had the empty forms for the user to input their request, it would never actually send. However, we were able to bypass this by creating a button that opens up the mail application on your computer with the "To" line completed with the restaurants' email address.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Ada Lovelace.