A website for confused dads with daughters

Aastha G., Iris S., Jaleigha W., Serena T.

One of our group members, Aastha Gupta, had a first hand experience of having a single dad because her mom had to go to India to take care of her grandmother. She realized that many dads are confused on how to deal with their daughters. The website 'No Dad Left Behind' is a website we created with topics we felt were most imperative to being knowledgeable about when raising a girl to help confused dads in the world.

Many dads don’t understand the problems that women face by simply being a female. We have created this website for dads who have daughters so they can better understand and help with their issues. This site is especially helpful for single dads who don’t have a female to consult for feminine happenings.

To help dads that have daughters, we made a website. Our website contains webpages regarding 6 different categories: Communication, Hair/Makeup, Friends, Puberty, Periods, and Dating. Since we are all girls with dads, we came up with some tips for them that they probably don’t know.

A challenge for our group was putting our files on Github, a place where we can merge all our files, and getting the hover overlay effect to work when the mouse scrolls over a section. Since we were all new to Github, it was difficult to understand. We ran into many complications there because we would accidentally get rid of our partner’s work when uploading our own. So merging was hard; however, we prevailed. Our second major obstacle was working with the hover overlay effect. Although we have a hover overlay on our website, it’s not perfect. The overlay is a little off from our picture than we wanted overlaid.

"No Dad Left Behind is a genuinely sweet website with great information for confused dads."

  • Aastha Gupta: I am a rising senior at Shrewsbury High School class of 2018. I want to go to Northeastern University in Boston to double major in computer science and mathematics.
  • Iris Su: I am going to be a junior this fall at Newton North High School. I hope to major in computer science in the future. 
  • Jaleigha Williams: I am a rising junior as part of the Milton High School class of 2019. I want to go to the University of Southern California to double major in pharmacy and law.
  • Serena Tzeng: I am a student at Westborough High School and am interested in STEM and computer science. 

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at TripAdvisor.