Nadia H, Simone W, Kayla M, Brenda H

The purpose of this project is to highlight all the train lines in the NYC MTA Subway. We want to show people adventures they can take on each train line. This project was created because there is so much in New York City that people do not know about.

Are you new to New York? Do you just want to visit? Have you ever visited New York City without knowing where to go? Are you from the city, yet do not know all the treasures it hides? Are you unfamiliar with the subway? Don’t know much about it’s trains? Or where they go or where they can take you?

Not to worry! NYSKB is your solution! This website can help you navigate through the subways. With every swipe you end up in a new world! As you find yourself surfing through the system, choose a train line to discover new treasures at each stop. You will have access to subway lines, all the hot-spots of the places based on each train line, as well as access to maps associated with every train line and a scratch game highlighting a stop on a train line.

We had a hard time trying to work on the functionality of our website, as well as the aesthetics of it. We also had a tough time trying to come up with ideas for our mini-games, and on what certain train lines to associate the game with, since many trains go to the same stop, and are connected. On the coding side, it was difficult in regards of the HTML and CSS aspects, because we were very unsure on how we wanted to layout our website in order to make it user friendly.

We are so thankful for having been part of the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program. We are all rising high school seniors. Our names are Nadia, Simone, Kayla, and Brenda, which is why we settled on New York Subway Knowledge Buddy!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Ada Lovelace.