Offering information about colleges in New York

Priya S, Kimberley R, Paola C, Suyin A

We wanted to create a website to help out high school students in New York who cannot get access to information about colleges in the state. Making a website would offer a free, easily navigable, and organized way to present such information to our audience. Users can view content about different college and university systems in New York, as well as input the name of colleges or universities in a search bar to display information about tuition and the type of institution it is.

Not all high school students in New York have easy access to information about colleges. Finding a means to gain this knowledge often requires time and money, something that not all people can afford.

We have created a website that offers useful information about colleges and universities in New York.

One technical problem we faced was placing a Photoshop file for a logo into the website. Since its file size was too large, we had to find alternative ways for displaying a logo, and refocusing our priorities on the functionality of our website. Another problem we encountered was learning to code a search bar, but after doing a bit of research, this problem was resolved as well.

We are a group of girls from all across NYC and we like good food, especially strawberries.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture NYC.