Jana G, Chandni G, Pamela R, Ada S

"New Horizons" was built to combat homelessness in San Francisco. For people who want to help, features include donation and volunteer sections. For the homeless community, we have job and health resources, shelter locations on a map, and ways to contact "New Horizons" to have their journey shared with the world.

We all see many homeless people in San Francisco and there is little we do to help them. To make this aid as tireless and impactful as possible, we needed a base to provide help to them directly.

"New Horizons" connects users with charities and donation/volunteer opportunities to make giving to the less fortunate easier. Furthermore, "New Horizons" provides links that find shelter and jobs for those in need.

Our map that showcases the shelter locations broke the code at first. After combing through the Internet, we decided to use an API with fewer lines of code and more features to fix this.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Facebook.