"Neighbors in Need, A Tiny Pantry Community!"

Lena R

This project tries to help out our neighbors with tiny food pantries. We want people to set up their own food pantries and then upload them to a map so people can find them. This includes emergency food or cleaning supplies. If you are in need of more than an emergency supply, fill out the contact form so we can get your family the amount of things you need.

Homelessness and job loss are still at high levels in our community. People need help throughout the week, but food pantries usually are only open one day a week.

The solution is having tiny food pantries for local communities and having people fill them. If you are in need, you can look up where the closest tiny pantry is located and get the products for your family.

It was difficult to learn how to make the forms and map. With assistance on the forms, we were able to solve the issues we were having, and we are still working on the map!

"This is an innovative way to reach those in need."

My project is to try to set up boxes for temporary food and cleaning supplies for people in need.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Atlanta).