Natural hair salon finder app that is built for iOS, android and as a website.

Amal H, Emma K, Cynthia W

NaturELLE aims to assist women by finding salons that cater to hair type and texture. By recognizing their current location, our app allows users to input their hair type and the distance willing to travel for their salon visit. A map will appear and will display the closest salons within the specified radius. NaturELLE is more than an app that allows every girl access to her hair needs, it allows women of all ethnicities the freedom to embrace their natural selves.

We’re trying to address the ongoing issue of the lack of accessibility of natural hair salons.

Our project strives to make finding natural hair salons easier and less time consuming. By creating an interactive map that filters hair salons based on distance, hair-type, price, and salon services, we hope to streamline women’s salon-finding experience and make life a little less stressful.

We struggled to transform our map, which we built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, into an app. Originally we planned to build the app entirely using those languages and then to use Cordova to make it into an app. However, we had difficulty installing Cordova on our computers. Instead, we make a basic app using Swift and embedded our map in it.

Amal Hassan is a seventeen year old rising high school senior at Osbourn Park High School. While being devoted with her studies, she also endures in her passion for reading and journaling creative ideas that flow into her mind at any moment. Through her flow of creative ideas, she reflects on the issues that society has decided to not capture attention towards. Having endured much trouble in finding her true identity when it came to her own hair, she discovered that accepting your identity was possible through her natural hair. Through countless salon visits, products and protective styles, Amal self taught herself the mechanics of maintaining beautiful, natural hair. Amal aspires for NaturELLE to be seen as more than an app that allows every girl access to her hair needs, it’s allowing women of all ethnicities the freedom to embrace their natural selves. Amal is the youngest as well as the only girl in her family. She aims in pursuing her dream of being a pediatrician.

Emma Kay is a sixteen-year-old rising junior at Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC. This summer she has discovered a passion for solving problems with code and for creating solutions using computer science. In her free time she enjoys hiking, climbing, and reading.

 Cynthia Wang is a 16 year old rising junior from McLean High School in Northern Virginia. She began pursuing her interest in computer science last year, and loved the process of creating a program and problem solving to develop code that could successfully perform functions. Cynthia saw how useful computer science was and wanted to create a program this summer that would use technology to enhance people’s lives by making previously difficult and time consuming tasks much simpler by utilizing the speed and other capabilities of computers.She found the use of apps that used the locations of the user to be interesting and decided to create an app with her group that would find the locations of the nearest hair salon for users based on their hair type, and desired price range. Outside of computer science, she enjoys playing tennis and running.

You can view the project here.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at SalesForce WAS.