Help girls with curls.

Abbey A., Kimberlee I. , Ekemini N.

Our website Naturalista is an interactive educational website that will help educate girls with or without curls. For girls with curls it informs them on what hair type they have and how to take care of it!

Black hair is deemed unprofessional, a distraction, ugly, nappy… unfortunately the list goes on.
Going through mishaps with our own hair we’re striving to educate and help those who are underrepresented,Girls with type 3 and 4 curl type are the most underrepresented group. Girls with these hair types have hard times finding things that work and when they do it is a 50/50 chance it works, if it doesn't work it ends up being a waste of time and money, as they are not beneficial for their hair type at all. Without adequate representation in the natural hair movement, these girls lose confidence in their roots and feel pressured to straighten their hair to meet Eurocentric standards of beauty.

We use made a website with an easy to use interface with directions if needed, hair typing quiz, hair style randomizer, do’s, dont’s and Frequently Asked Questions to help girls take care of their hair.

On the last day when all our code was supposed to be submitted, our website broke and went crazy. However we only had a minor panic attack, we asked for more time and started at the halfway point. It ended coming out better than when were "finished"!

"I really need this, it's amazing."

Despite our varying backgrounds, the three of us are connected by our love and curiosity for natural hair. We noticed the lack of representation of the most common curl types in today’s media, and have personally experienced the shame and self-hate that comes with embracing our roots.

Rather than continue to watch as girls straighten and damage their hair to fit in with beauty standards, we decided to empower them and contribute to the natural hair movement.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AppNexus.